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Custom Homes

Building your new custom home, gives you, as the homeowner, full control over the quality and function of your new home. Ultimately, you decide every product and feature in the house; therefore, you can certainly set your own budget and work within it. As a custom home owner, you live in a unique home and can appreciate each of the choices you made during the building process.

Homeowners appreciate many of the energy-efficient options as well, such as double-paned windows and upgraded insulation. “We’ve used insulating foam in the concrete block walls as an energy-saving technique to cut down on noise levels and seal out humidity and pollution. Radiant barriers, placed in the attics of some of the homes we’ve built, helps keeps the attic space cooler by reflecting the heat back outside.”


A great home begins with a great plan. We work with you to design the perfect plan for your budget, timeline, and dreams. From our initial meeting, you will know what to expect going forward and throughout the construction process. It is as important to us to inform you of the next step as it is for you.

To keep things moving in an organized, methodical manner, the Sorenson Construction team utilizes a construction schedule which keeps the job flowing. We will schedule timely client meetings to help ensure the selection process is enjoyable and allow you to track the progress of your home.


When you love the location of your home and building a new home isn’t the best option, many clients choose to remodel or renovate. Sorenson Construction is able to take our experience and knowledge to create whole house remodels, additions of bedrooms and interior living space or expansions of outdoor living space.

Our extensive experience with remodels and renovation projects includes:

  • Complete remodel – down to block walls
  • Addition to existing structure – add additional living space
  • Major Renovation – multiple rooms including kitchens/baths
  • Remodel to accommodate a disability
  • Backyard and/or pool area remodel
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Commercial Construction

Do you need a premier commercial builder? We can turn your own custom commercial design into an incredible reality. Retail buildings, multi-family units , recreational areas and any unique commercial project you have in mind, we can build it with the utmost of excellence. We have a proven track record of the following:

  • Highest quality materials and construction
  • Innovative designs to maximize square footage
  • Complete remodel of any commercial space
  • Efficiently adding space to existing structures
  • Building layered floors for maximum experience

We are meticulous in all we do. We focus on efficiency, innovative design styles, beauty, safety and superior construction quality.

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