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Happy Repeat Client

We want to thank you again for another job well done! Having built our first home with you, we didn’t think twice when it came time to build again. We knew what we wanted and your experience and knowledge helped us achieve the home of our dreams. With our busy schedules, attention to detail, communication and timing were key to meeting our deadline.

~ John & Bonny

Connie and I wanted to take a moment to thank-you, Jody and the Sorenson team on the construction of our home.

Many people shy away from the construction of a new home citing the stress and decision making process required.  Sorenson Construction makes that process very simple and pleasant to work with to meet the needs of the individual.  I remember asking when we first met about certain construction materials that I wanted and many builders were not willing to discuss.  Your comment was no problem and do you want to go see a sample of one you were doing?  That sold us!

We really appreciated your approach to the construction process, the selection of sub-contractors and the assistance in making decisions along the way.  We really cannot think of a change we would make to this house.  We would recommend you to anyone looking to build a custom home.

~ Patrick & Claudia

I have had the pleasure of working with the Sorenson team for the past few years while we renovated our home in the Bayhill subdivision on lake Tibet.  We are extremely pleased with their knowledge, decision making, and work ethic dedicated and focused on transforming a 1970’s house into a perfect modern home for our family to enjoy.

We offer this recommendation with highest regards and acclaim, and we would definitely embark on another project with Sorenson Construction.

~ Scott & Jeannette

Bob & Jody are More than Builders, They're Like Family

We are nearing our 2 year anniversary of moving into our new home that Sorenson Construction built. One would think the questions would cease and the builder relationship would come to an end.

We are fortunate that Sorenson Construction is not only around to answer our continued questions, but that they are so willing to help. They have made us feel as though they are genuinely concerned that we are 110% satisfied. Every step of the way, they have been willing to guide and aide us in our quest for perfection. Bonds have been created within the Sorenson team that extend beyond the normal boundaries of a business relationship. They are family and work hard at maintaining a high level of satisfaction, not only for their clients, but also for themselves.

As various service providers come to our home, a common thread amongst ALL their comments is how much they enjoy working with the Sorenson Construction team. For us as new home builders, it is so comforting, or rather a relief, that we made the right choice and went with a company that is respected within the community.

While we were building our home, we knew Bob and Jody had integrity, but we truly didn’t understand the magnitude of value of that trait until we were completed with our home. The relationship has continued long after the hammering was done. We are so grateful to have had the Sorenson team be associated with our home. Thank you!!!

~ Karla & Boyd

Sorenson Saved us Time, Money & Heartache

Dear Bob,

We want to thank you for undertaking our home renovation in 2010. We really appreciated your patience and efforts. Kathryn and I have been involved in over $3 billion of real estate development. In addition, we renovated the last three of our residences located in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. Given our real estate experience, we have a great respect for the Sorenson expertise and team efforts.

Clients may consider a General Contractor (GC) as a cost. We consider a GC a value. After 30 years in the real estate development business, we want to highlight an important point regarding the value of a GC. Many individuals see a GC as a necessary evil in the development equation and only focus on the construction contract, the GC fee and when the project will be completed. In essence, many people assume that the architect and engineer are never wrong and the GC just implements. We assure you that this philosophy will cost owners money and time, and they will probably be less than satisfied six months after they move in. They will look at various aspects of their project and keep saying “I wish we would have done this”. Just ask our neighbor.

We would give your team (it truly is a team effort) an “A” regarding our experience with your organization prior to construction, during construction and after we lived in our residence after construction. Sorenson Construction was excellent at maintaining a critical path of priorities, communicating, coordinating sub-contractors and providing numerous options for our consideration. Your goals were exactly the same as ours – ensure that the value of the renovation exceeds the cost.

Should you ever have a need to tour our house with prospective clients, you are always welcome. Please have any of your clients call with any questions. You should seriously consider a Sorenson Parade of Homes. With sufficient notice, we would bet most of your clients would be happy to help.

~ Gregg & Kathryn

Have peace of mind with the Sorenson team

I’ve built two homes with Sorenson Construction and they made both projects extremely fulfilling and enjoyable.  Quality is the first expectation of building a home and the Sorenson team delivers.  They have excellent insight on design, craftsmanship and materials to assist building within your budget while creating a quality home.  As you’re putting your custom house plans together they’ll support you with ideas, solutions and resources that you can only get from the experience and longevity of this top notch team.

Remember in 2008 during the housing crash many builders went under.  Because of Sorenon’s reputation they not only survived one of the worst housing declines in history but thrived as the nation recovered.  There are many reasons this team thrived and one of them is fantastic service.  The team are quick to return calls, answer questions and assist with any issue or concern with a quick and positive solution.  If you’re interested in quality, service, honesty in building your next home Sorenson Construction should be your first choice.  Best wishes in building your next home.

~ Dan

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